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Ardex Grout FS-DD

Ardex Grout FS-DD

Ardex Grout FS-DD - an unsanded, water and dirt repellant fine tile grout which is ideal for narrow joints and tile surfaces prone to scratching, such as porcelain. 5 kg Bag.

$3.50 — $20.50

Flexible Water Repellent and Dirt Resistant Fine Tile Grout. Ideal for narrow joints and polished porcelain. 5 kg Bag.

Ardex FS-DD is an unsanded, fine tile grout which is ideal for narrow joints and tile surfaces prone to scratching, such as porcelain. It also contains cutting edge hydrophobing technology that repels water and dirt from the surface of the grout, a unique innovation for cement-based grouts.

Ardex FS DD Colour Chart

This is a screen rendering of the colour samples only, and is meant to be an approximate guide only. Actual shade and texture will vary on job site conditions, beyond the manufacturer’s control. Please verify actual appearance and compatibility with a test area before main installation. Coverage will vary based on application technique. Allow approximately 15% for wastage.

Ardex FS DD Coverage

Tech info:

Colours: Ultra White, Travertine, Misty Grey, Slate Grey, Magellan Grey, Buff, Alabaster, Havana, Charred Ash and Olive (New ARDEX colour)
Drying time : Walk on after 5 hours
Joint widths: Up to 4mm
Tile types: Porcelain, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, slate, quarry tiles, glass and moisture insensitive natural stone
Underfloor heating: Yes
Swimming pools: Yes, Ultra White with Ardex Grout Booster
Pack sizes: 5kg

  • Water repellent due to special hydrophobing agent
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Longer lasting new look, as dirt is unable to enter grout
  • Contains Ardex Grout Shield to combat mould growth
  • For use in joints up to 4mm wide without shrinkage
  • Exceptionally easy to clean off, even 24 hours after initial clean off with no residue on tile surface
  • Walk on after 5 hours
  • Improved colour consistency with less chance of efflorescence
  • Suitable for internal or external use on wall and floor applications
  • Extremely low VOC content
  • Available in a range of colours

Tile Grout and Silicone: Ardex FS-DD is a non-sanded cement-based, wall and floor grouting compound which is specially designed to be water and dirt resistant, making it ideal for wet areas such as showers. It is easy to apply and fast drying, with final cleaning able to be completed 24 hours after initial wash off with no residue left on the tile surface.

The hardened grout is exceptionally easy to keep clean and will maintain its appearance as no water and dirt residue can seep into the grout joints. It is further protected from mould growth due to the addition of Ardex Grout Shield which combats fungal and algal growth.
Ardex FS-DD is suitable for use internally or externally and is especially suited to surfaces prone to scratching such as porcelain. It can also be used on timber floors and in swimming pools with the addition of Ardex Grout Booster. It is available in a range of colours and can be used for both commercial and domestic applications.

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